Training sessions for the Men's / Women's and Reserve teams. Schedule is below

Tues  7-8:30 Ladysmith turf
Thurs 7-8:30 Nanaimo SAT turf  

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2017 Spring Break Camps

​Mid Isle Highlanders Update

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Each month the coaches and special guests will post information regarding player development, coaching thoughts, and all kinds of feedback for players and parents...


It was heartfelt news this year that the Victoria Highlanders could no longer sustain their club. Over the past few years they were an amazing partner to us, and we are internally grateful. As the Highlanders programs evolve we have brought the Mid-Isle Highlanders brand under Merriman Soccer.



Throughout our playing & coaching years, we have developed a keen sense of what our belief are for players. We love making a difference in all our players from the young 5 yr olds all the way to our passionate adults. Players are why we exist...


The Merriman family has been involved and passionate about soccer for decades. Meet the coaches, the history and how we become to be what we are today...


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